Guest Users

Guest users must provide a valid, up-to-date photo ID.

Guests may use computers for one hour each day (please see Campus Specific Standards for exceptions).  If a guest is unable to use the one hour allotment during his/her sign-in, the guest forfeits the remainder of time for that day, unless asked by Library Staff to leave due to student usage.

Guest access to computers may be restricted at the discretion of the staff based on student usage.

  • Only the individual who has signed in may use the computer.
  • Groups of two or more are not permitted.
  • Viewing online pornography and other offensive material will result in loss of privileges.
  • Guests may only listen to audio with headphones. Guests must provide their own headphones. Sound should not be audible to others.
  • Unnecessary loitering or disruptive behavior may be cause for loss of privileges.
Guest Cards

Guest cards will only be issued if a guest specifically requests the privilege to check-out material. If issuing a guest card, all information on the photo ID must be correct, and a phone number must be obtained.

Behavior Guidelines
  • Cell phones must be used outside of the library. Be respectful to others by setting your phone on vibrate.
  • Beverages must have lids. No food is allowed.
  • Please be courteous to library users and staff by cleaning up after yourself.
  • Individuals neglecting personal hygiene or having possessions that distract others may be asked to leave.
Food and Drink Standards

Coverage beverages are permitted in the Library and Academic Support Center. Food may be eaten elsewhere prior to entering the space.

Campus Specific Standards

East Peoria and Peoria Campus:

Guests may use computers during normal Library hours for one hour each day.  Guests may be asked to use designated guest computers.