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Free Fitness Center Membership for all ICC faculty and staff

Health/Wellness Coaching

Whether you need help setting goals, managing time for health and fitness or improving your efforts toward a healthier lifestyle, you can contact the Fitness Center for a FREE consultation. We will guide you on the way to a healthier YOU. Complete the form below for a 30-minute session to discuss your personal wellness.

Wellness Strategies

We want to provide you with resources that are not only going to help your physical wellness, but all other aspects of your day-to-day life.

Physical Wellness

Did you know?

As a full-time employee, you have two 15-minute breaks? Why not use those breaks to get up and move?

We’ve placed a sign-in sheet at the front desk of the Fitness Center (or HR office for bad weather days) to make these breaks a wellness recess!

Visit our YouTube Channel where we explore good eating habits along with examples of proper exercise technique.er exercise technique.

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Read 6 Key Principles for Optimum Wellness
Read Self-care Practices to Help You and Your Clients Manage Stress

Nutritional Wellness

Download Eat Well, Live Well Recipe Book

Read 10 Reasons Why you Should Eat An Entire Avocado Every Day

Emotional Wellness

Read The Physiology of Stress and How to Manage It
Read CGP Balanced Living – Coping with workplace change

Mental Wellness

Watch 5 relaxing mediation videos that are guaranteed to chill you out

Social Wellness

Financial Wellness

Read Balanced Living — How to develop a can-do personality
Read Balanced Living – Taxes 101: What you know may impact what you owe

Upcoming Wellness Events

Restrain the Gain

Oct 15, – 11:59 pm East Peoria Campus, CougarPlex

Join our Holiday Weight MAINTENANCE challenge from October 15th-Jan 2nd! You pay $5 to weigh in and get prizes for simply maintaining your initial weight after each holiday. Sounds easy right?! Did you know the average person gains 5-8lbs from Thanksgiving to New Year!??! Simply maintaining is the challenge in itself.

Weigh ins:

Initial-Oct 15

1st check in-Nov 1st

2nd check in-Dec 2nd

final weigh in-Jan 2nd

Earn prizes along the way or pay an additional $5 to stay in the challenge if you gain.

Personal Training Special

Oct 15, – 11:59 pm East Peoria Campus, CougarPlex

Faculty and Staff get a discount from Oct 15-Nov 15 on Personal Training! 4 (45min) sessions for just $110. Perfect way to kick start your holiday weight maintenance plan!


Oct 16, 7:30 am – 11:30 am @ East Peoria Campus, CougarPlex

Free wellness screening as well as a presentation from our PTA students about strength training at home (10:30am).

Glow Party!

Oct 24, 7 pm – 8:30 pm @ East Peoria Campus, CougarPlex

Glow Party Poster