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Wellness Works

Wellness Works is a point-based program that’s designed to encourage all employees (full- and part-time) and retirees to participate in wellness activities throughout the year!

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Spark16: (Jan 2017) Gives you tips on health and fitness to better help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Our Structure


Changing Minds Changes Lives. Learning new things by attending wellness seminars, health fairs, community health lectures, and reading health/fitness books or articles


We Change the World for the Better by Building and Supporting a Sense of Community. Participating in community walk/runs, blood donations, CPR/AED training, volunteering in the community and attending Six Sigma Gate Reviews


We Set a Good Example and Mentor Others through Preventative Health. Kicking the Habit, physical exams, dental and vision exams, mammogram, PSA/DRE, bone density, flu vaccine, and massage and chiropractor visits.


We are Responsible for Managing our Stress, our Fitness, and Our Goals. CougarPlex or other health club visits, home workouts, and fitness and health assessments


We Hold High Expectations for Ourselves and Our Health and Wellness. Optimum Health Solutions Health Assessments, community screenings (Wellmobile), weight loss/management groups, body fat improvement/management, BMI improvement/management, B/P improvement/management, and fitness assessment improvements.