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Quality Online Course Initiative (QOCI)

ICC gratefully acknowledges the Illinois Online Network and Illinois Virtual Campus for the QOCI rubric, a tool for online course design, development, and review.  Visit the University of Illinois – Springfield ION Professional eLearning website for more information about the original initiative. ICC faculty and staff have, with ION’s permission, reformatted the QOCI rubric to preserve the rubric’s characteristics but shorten the rubric form, making it more efficient for course developers and reviewers. See the links below to ICC’s version of the QOCI rubric.

At Illinois Central College, the QOCI rubric is used in:

  • Course design, redesign, self-assessment – comprehensive development/redevelopment of an online class
  • Course observation – snapshot review of a class per the ICC course observation processes and tools
  • Mini-grants – new course or course mode change applications

The rubric is a resource, not policy, and is not used to evaluate faculty.

QOCI Rubric [PDF printable]
QOCI Rubric [PDF fillable]

ICC’s QOCI Rubric version 4.4 last updated May 4, 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are the observers of online classes?

The same people who have the responsibility to observe classes in any mode of instruction; see the Faculty Handbook and/or the Faculty Contract for more information.

How/when will the observer have access to my online class for the observation?

It depends. Faculty will coordinate the observation process with the observer. Faculty may choose to schedule a 1:1 meeting with the observer during which the faculty member demonstrates the online course to the observer. As a result, the observer might not be enrolled in the faculty member’s online course; instead, during the 1:1 meeting, the faculty member and observer review the online course together.  Faculty may also choose to enroll the observer into his/her online course as a student or teaching assistant but the 1:1 conference is still recommended.

Is there some sort of ‘seal of approval’ awarded after an observation using the QOCI Rubric?

No. The intent of using the QOCI Rubric is to support online course development and delivery and enhance the observation experience for faculty and observers.

For more information contact the Teaching and Learning Center – [email protected] or (309) 694-8908