Faculty & Staff


The iClicker classroom response system has been adopted by a number of ICC instructors as a means of engaging students’ attention, encouraging participation in class discussion, and collecting instant feedback from the class.

iClicker Training

Thinking of using iClickers for the first time?  Contact the Teaching and Learning Center to set up a time to receive training on how to use the iClicker classroom response system.

Additional Resources

iClicker Best Practices and Tips

A number of useful resources describing best practices and tips for effective iClicker use can be found on the iClicker website resources page.

Reserving a iClicker Set

iClicker sets containing 40-50 student remotes, two instructor remotes, and a base receiver unit can be reserved by ICC faculty and staff for use in the classroom, in meetings, or for events.

Requiring Students to Purchase iClickers

Instructors who make regular use of iClickers in their classrooms can opt to have their students purchase their own clickers as a requirement for a course or program.

iClicker Software

The software for the iClicker classroom response system is a portable application that can be downloaded for free from the iClicker website.  Instructors bring a copy of the software to class with them on a USB flash drive – it does not need to be installed on the computer; it just runs from the flash drive.  The student polling data is then stored on the flash drive as well.