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page last updated 06.24.2020

eServices (PeopleSoft) allows faculty to access class rosters, report never and non-activity, report academic warnings (AWARe), and complete grade rosters.

Academic Warning Activity Reporting Environment (AWARe) Timeline

Check your (AWARe) roster for important dates and deadlines.  Deadlines are based on the start and end dates for a course.  The Never Attender and Non-Activity portions of your roster expire at 11:59 PM on the deadline date.  Instructors are sent email notices when the rosters are available, four days prior to the deadline date, and one day prior to the deadline date, if not completed.  Please check your ICC email account for these reminders.

Importance of Attendance Reporting

  • It is imperative that instructors complete the AWARe roster to identify never-attenders or non-activity in their courses so that we can prevent disbursing federal financial assistance dollars to those students who have not attended or participated in the course.
  • The ONLY way the financial assistance department knows whether or not students have begun or maintained attendance is through the completion of the AWARe roster.
  • AWARe roster reporting is important for state reporting; this is how faculty officially confirm that students are active in their classes.

By the Never-Attender Deadline (prior to Census)

Mark never-attenders (students on your roster who have never attended/participated in the class) prior to Census date of the term.  Students marked as never-attenders will be administratively dropped from the class.  The students will not be charged tuition, and the class will not appear on their academic transcript.  Never-Attender rosters must be approved by the deadline for the class.  Check your AWARe roster for specific dates.

By the Non-Activity Deadline (Midpoint)

Mark students for non-activity (students on your roster who ceased their involvement in the class, e.g., participating in class and completing assignments).  Students marked for non-activity will be administratively dropped from the class with a grade of W and will be responsible for the tuition of the class.  You will be required to enter the last date of activity for each student.  Non-Activity rosters are due by the deadline for the class, following the class midpoint.  Check your AWARe roster for specific dates.


Faculty, need assistance with using eServices? Contact the Teaching and Learning Center.