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Blackboard Resources

Help is at your finger tips. Find a host of resources along with contact information for further support/assistance below.

ICC recommends using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with Blackboard

Quick Tips

  1. Blackboard password resets are done through the Help Desk at (309) 694-5457.
  2. For student assistance with Blackboard, visit an Academic Support Center on either campus.
  3. For faculty assistance with Blackboard, contact the Teaching and Learning Center staff.

Blackboard News

Blackboard upgrades were applied in May and December of both 2017 and 2018.  While there were no major changes to functionality, there were several enhancements to existing Blackboard tools and features.  Click on the links below for descriptions and screenshots of the changes included in each upgrade:

Blackboard Forms

Please submit one of the corresponding forms below to request site templates, class section merges, or course deletions. Please note: requests will be processed in an order-received basis within 48 hours, Monday through Friday.

Template Request

Complete and submit the form below to request a blank Blackboard site to be used as a TEMPLATE site for one of the courses you teach. Students will not be enrolled into this site, but you may use it to copy content into any of the LIVE Blackboard sites automatically generated for you each semester.

Merge Request

Complete and submit the form below to request that multiple class rosters be merged into a single Blackboard site to be used as a MASTER site. This can be for science classes where all lab sections merge into one Blackboard site or for individual instructors who wish to use a single Blackboard course for multiple class sections. The dynamic course enrollments for each individual class section will feed automatically into the MASTER site.  Content must be developed within the MASTER site, not the individual course sites.

Deletion Request

Complete and submit the form below if you are no longer using a Blackboard course and would like to have it removed from the Blackboard server.  Only those courses that are no longer needed should be marked for deletion.  Do not mark courses you are currently using or that you have plans to make use of in the future.  Additionally, this only applies to courses that were manually created; any automatically-generated Blackboard course (beginning Spring 2018) will eventually be administratively archived and removed from the Blackboard server.

Blackboard Guides

Course management can be tricky – check out these guides for detailed instructions on what to do.

Blackboard Workshops & Training Opportunities

The Teaching and Learning Center offers numerous workshops and training opportunities throughout the year to help enhance your Blackboard experience.  Please visit the Blackboard Training page for additional information.

Additional Tools

Respondus for Test Questions

Respondus is a program available in the Teaching & Learning Center that allows instructors to either (a) import publisher test banks, electronic documents, or questions from printed tests into Blackboard – OR – (b) create a printer-friendly test from a Blackboard test or pool.

Please send requests directly to the TLC.  See the guide below for details about how the process works.

Web Browser Check Tool

The Brower Check Tool will check to make sure that your browser has the optimum settings for working in Blackboard. It will also notify you of optional technologies that can be enabled to enhance your Blackboard experience. Visit the link below to check your browser.

Zoom Conferencing

Zoom is an interactive web conferencing environment that can be used as a virtual classroom, allowing instructors to instruct and interact with their students in a live online environment.  Contact the Teaching and Learning Center for additional information.


If you are still unable to find the Blackboard help you need, contact the Teaching and Learning Center. You can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions about the Blackboard/Peoplesoft integration process below.