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Service Learning

Service Learning is a powerful teaching strategy that incorporates important community service with instruction to enhance the experience of learning.

Service Learning incorporates selection as a powerful tool to link the affective and cognitive domains to the service activity.

Service Learning unites service with learning in a way that improves both the student and the community.

Service Learning can:

  • Help develop a sense of civic responsibility
  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Strengthen the relationship between the community and the college
  • Build teamwork
  • Entice student to examine the big questions
  • Help the student to engage with community leaders
  • Create a platform for students to witness the effects of racism, sexism, poverty, and oppression

Community service is volunteering to meet the needs of others and better the community. Service Learning provides structured time for thoughtful planning of the service project and guided reflection by participants on the service experience. Overall, the most significant feature of good Service Learning programs is that both learning and service are emphasized.

Required Forms

These forms must be signed by each student who participates in Service Learning off campus. The original copy of the signed form must be sent to the Risk Management Office: Academic Building 338C.

Release Form

Each community service partner must receive this letter from the faculty member or student


  1. Download the Partner Letter of Liability
  2. Replace the date in the first box with today’s current date.
  3. Replace “To Whom It May Concern,” with the service partner contact name receiving the letter.
  4. Select the print icon ro the save icon, or you can click the share button and choose “Attach to email” and choose send copy (so your changes will e included in the sent form).

* Note: It is important that forms not be altered except for fillable text fields.

Resources and Featured Media

Delicious Websites
Delicious websites is a listing of our recommended websites about Service Learning

Flickr Photos
Flickr displays some of our favorites of the ICC community participating in Service Learning. We love photos and video contributions of ICC faculty and staff participation. Please make sure you get a signed release form.

Questions or contributions? Contact Kelly Crawford-Jones, Endowed Teaching Chair 2011-2012

Contact Information

These individuals would be happy to answer questions and provide assistance with getting started.

Tim Anderson, Manager of Risk Safety & Benefits
East Peoria Campus, Academic Building,
(309) 694-8911 | [email protected]

Kelly Crawford-Jones, Respiratory, Endowed Teaching Chair 2011-2012
Downtown Campus, Thomas Building, 203M
(309) 999-4663 | [email protected]

Anita Tuccillo, Arts & Communication
East Peoria Campus, Academic Building, 133D
(309) 694-5489 | [email protected]

Lisa Arnett, Health Careers – Radiography
Downtown Campus, Thomas Building, 203CC
(309) 999-4659 | [email protected]

Brent Goken, Arts & Communication
East Peoria Campus, Academic Building, 226F
(309) 694-5107 | [email protected]