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Illinois Central College Annuitants Association (ICCAA)

ICCAA is a diverse group of current ICC employees and retirees committed to connecting with each other and providing a voice regarding issues that concern all members. The association advocates and lobbies for pension issues at the state level, volunteers for college events, and communicates information for the benefit of both current ICC employees and retirees.

Won’t you join us by participating in our future efforts?

Attend a meeting, become an active member, get involved as a volunteer, and let us know how we can stay connected with you.

Did you know?

ICCAA puts your contribution to work! ICCAA receives $0.75 of the $3.50 collected from the State Universities Annuitant Association (SUAA) dues deducted from your salary or pension check each month.

The association uses this money is several ways, including funding two $750 scholarships for ICC students each year, hosting bi-annual annuitants’ meetings, and serving as volunteers during Celebration of Learning. Your dues also help cover the cost of keeping in touch with the association’s members, near and far.

ICCAA Resources

The ICCAA Handbook provides information on activities, benefits, ICCAA constitution and bylaws, retiree directory and more. Printed copies also are available by contacting [email protected].

Register for membership in SUAA and automatically become a member of ICCAA. Just visit the SUAA website to fill out the registration form, and select ICCAA as your local chapter. You then will be connected with both SUAA’s and ICCAA’s growing network of employees and retirees.

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