Faculty & Staff

Excellent! Online Teaching

A fully-online 12-week workshop: 8 weeks of online engagement and collaboration followed by 4 weeks of practicum coached by an expert online facilitator.

The workshop’s topics are guided by the chapters of the book Excellent! Online Teaching: Effective Strategies for a Successful Semester Online by Aaron Johnson. As a result of this workshop, participants should be able to answer these question about online teaching and learning:

    • Am I ready?  Can my class really become a community?
    • How do I communicate well with my students?  How do I start each week?  How do I connect with my students?
    • What do I do with failing students?  What’s the most important thing?
    • How do I grade discussions?  How do I give feedback?  What sort of feedback do my students need?
    • Where do I begin?
    • What can I accomplish with the help of the workshop’s practicum?



This experience was created with support from the Endowed Teaching Chair project.