Faculty & Staff

ADKAR Workshops

Over the past year, we’ve talked a lot about the “people side of change”. As we focus on preparing, equipping and supporting people through the changes being implemented across the institution, there will be workshops this spring for faculty, administrators, and staff.  The number of participants for each workshop will be limited.

Contact Jill Blair, Title III Project Director, if you’d like to attend.  ([email protected])

Strategic Alignment Workshop

At this two-day workshop, Cabinet members and the Champion Team will establish our vision for a change strategy, create a plan for achieving the vision, and define roles and responsibilities related to change management.

Change Management Program for Managers

In this one-day program, managers, deans, and directors will gain an understanding of their roles change management and develop a practical framework for supporting employees through change.

Fundamentals of Change Management

This one-day session for staff and faculty will cover fundamental concepts of effective change management as well as the application of the five tenets of change management.