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Discover all the professional development opportunities provided by Organizational Learning in the list below.

Professional Development Transcript

Request a transcript of the professional development opportunities you have participated in.

Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

The Teaching and Learning Center provides technology training and support for faculty and staff.


Funds are available for individuals or groups to complete instructional projects to improve teaching and learning. Mini-Grant applications will be accepted at anytime for projects that have not yet begun. Projects are granted a one year contract.

Copyright Services

Have questions about copyright or fair use? ICC offers various copyright resources to all employees. Check out the copyright services page or contact our copyright coordinator, Markie Castle, with any questions regarding copyright.

International Travel Opportunities

International opportunities are available to faculty and administration through various organizations. An application process is generally required and additional support for funding may be needed from the college.

Teach for Student Learning at ICC

This site is an online professional development tool for faculty. Use the questions for reflection and the links within each module as resources for self-assessment. Includes New Magna 20 Minute Mentor Commons. This online resource is available at no cost to all faculty and staff of ICC. Since 1972 Magna has been a leading provider of higher education professional development resources such as The Teaching Professor. Sign up today and boost your teaching & learning.

Seven Principles for Good Practice

A brief summary of the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education as compiled in a study supported by the American Association of Higher Education, the Education Commission of the States, and the Johnson Foundation.

The Understudy Program at ICC

The UnderStudy program is inspired by the role of the understudy in theater. Should you be unable to teach a class, an understudy is willing to take over. Understudies are willing to cover a class at times but play other primary roles at the college on a regular basis.

Service Learning

A powerful teaching strategy that incorporates important community service with instruction to enhance the experience of learning.