About Celebration of Learning

Celebration of Learning is a bi-annual event designed to help faculty and staff learn new ways to innovate, engage, collaborate and align with the college's goals inside and outside the classroom. The event kicks off with an opening session in the Performing Arts Center at the beginning of fall and spring semesters and is followed by a series of breakout sessions hosted by peers that focus on one of several tracks: Innovation, Engagement, Collaboration, and Alignment.

Submit Your August Celebration of Learning Ideas by June 15, 2018

August 2018 Celebration of Learning is approaching quickly. Organizational Learning is seeking your help. We need to know what you want to learn more about and/or what you would like to share with your colleagues.

Please consider the following two options in submitting your ideas:

  • What do you wish you knew more about? What does your department need to learn more about? What do you need to help students more? If you have a topic that you would like to learn more about, please complete the 2018-2019 Call for Topics
  • Have you tried something new in your classroom that you would like to share? What is going on in your area that could use some clarification? What is new in your area that others must know? What are your students doing that you want to share? If you have a presentation you would like to share, please complete the 2018-2019 Call for Proposals

Your ideas are valuable to the success of August Celebration of Learning. We appreciate your willingness to share and thank you in advance.

Celebration of Learning Goals:

  • Innovation - Model agility, creativity, and progressive thinking while leveraging resources to increase student success and prepare learners to meet ever-changing community and workforce needs.
  • Engagement - Create a positive sense of community with internal and external stakeholders that connects with students at every level of their educational experience.
  • Collaboration - Seek enhanced partnerships (internal & external) by communicating effectively and by designing and implementing clearly articulated outcomes.
  • Alignment - Develop and refine integrated education and workforce systems based on collective understanding of student and community needs.

The deadline to submit proposals is June 15, 2018. Primary presenters will be notified about the status of their proposal via email.

What's New

LGBTTQQIAAP @ ICC: Creating Inclusive Experiences Across the College

Academic Building, 212C/D; UNITE Student Group and Bryan Asbury
This self-guided series of 5-minute roundtable discussions, which will introduce faculty, staff, and administrators to the issues those individuals of the queer community experiece from enrolling in classes to graduation.

Mental Health Symposium

Academic Building, 210A; Panel discussion moderated by Anthony White
A panel of mental health professionals that will be able to shed light on mental health and its impact in the classroom setting.

Talking About My Generation

Academic Building, 216B; Rick Owens
Never in history have we experienced as much interaction between generations. In this presentation, Rick presents a fascinating theory set forth by Strauss and Howe that offers insights into the 4 generations co-existing today. What common characteristics does each have and how can we more effectively work, play, and live together?

Meet Our Fulbright Scholar, Mohamed Mahmoud

Join Mohamed Mahmoud for tea in the International Center. He will share traditions and culture of his home, Mauritania. Find out how he can help enhance your student's ICC experience.

Schedule Overview

Join us during Celebration of Learning by finding a breakout session to attend below or download the full printable schedule. After attending a breakout session, please visit the calendar entry for the session below and filling out a survey about your experience.

Jan, 10th

January Celebration of LearningEast Peoria Campus
Blackboard/PeopleSoft IntegrationEast Peoria Campus, Academic Building 239A
It’s More Than JUST Money: Students and PovertyEast Peoria Campus, Academic Building, 307A
k(NO)w More AssessmentEast Peoria Campus, Academic Building 209A
Overcoming Obstacles to Student AchievementEast Peoria Campus, Academic Building, 306A
Blackboard/PeopleSoft IntegrationEast Peoria Campus, Academic Building 239A
China AdventureEast Peoria Campus, Academic Building, 310A
Talking About My GenerationEast Peoria Campus, Academic Building, 123A
Meet Our Fulbright ScholarEast Peoria Campus, Academic Building, 304A
Mental Health Symposium
Blackboard/PeopleSoft IntegrationEast Peoria Campus, Academic Building 239A
“Copyright or Copywrong?” Plus a Tour of the “Stranger Things” in Document ServicesEast Peoria Campus, Academic Building, CC102
Ditch the Textbook, Discover ICC Library Collections, and Save Students MoneyEast Peoria Campus, Academic Building, 306A
Blackboard/PeopleSoft IntegrationEast Peoria Campus, Academic Building 239A

All Employee Volleyball Tournament

Friday, January 12 @ 1 pm in the Lorene Ramsey Gymnasium. The deadline to register to play is Tuesday, January 9. Come play and/or watch the fun!

Sign up by January 9 to play by completing the online form below. Participants can register together as an entire team of 6-10 players, or sign up individually to be placed with a team. Teams, tournament schedule, and other information will be posted here after the registration deadline has passed.

Questions? Contact the volleyball tournament chair: Loyd Kirby by email or call 694-5138.

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All Employee Volleyball Tournament Registration

Call for Proposals

The chance to make proposals for 2018 August Celebration of Learning will be available soon.