Faculty & Staff

Endowed Teaching Chair

The Dr. Thomas K. Thomas Endowed Teaching Chair Program at Illinois Central College recognizes teaching excellence each year.  Specifically, the program looks for teachers who exhibit distinction in one or more areas:

  • Student-centered instructional philosophy
  • Commitment to teaching
  • Contribution to ICC’s mission and values
  • Instructional innovation
  • Impact on Community

The Endowed Teaching Chair awards a stipend of up to $3,500 or equivalent in release time to the faculty awardee.  The stipend supports faculty plans to improve instruction or enhance professional development.

Endowed Chair Application

The application deadline is February, 18. Submit it to Organizational Learning at [email protected] or 340E. Faculty will be notified by April 1.

The application is a PDF fillable form. For best results, download the document using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. If using Mozilla Firefox, use the “open the document with a different viewer” option and choose Adobe Acrobat. In Safari, choose to open in Evernote or Google Drive. When you have completed the application in any browser, print or save.

Dr. Thomas K. Thomas Endowed Teaching Chair Winners

2016-2017 – Jennifer Hopp Photo, Professor, English, Humanities & Language Studies (Joint Project to develop an introductory course for faculty: Teaching Online at ICC.)

2016-2017 – Mary Phelps Clayton Photo, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences & Public Services (Joint Project to develop an introductory course for faculty: Teaching Online at ICC.)

2015-2016 – Professor Jennifer Costa Photo, Arts & Communication Academic Integrity: Decreasing Plagiarism Project

2014-2015 – Lee Ann Hohstadt, Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program, Health Careers
Interpersonal Education Living Laboratory: Care for the Caregiver

2013-2014 — Shari Dinkins, Associate Professor, English & Language Studies
Offering Study Skills with a Gateway Child Development Course

2012-2013 — Brent Goken, Associate Professor, Arts & Communication
Brent will research and review ICC’s current student internships offered, document, gather the “Best Practices” Utilized and make recommendations for standardization within the college where appropriate.

2011-2012 — Kelly Crawford-Jones, Associate Professor, Health Careers
Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enhance the learning experience by engaging students in civic responsibility, improving critical thinking skills and by strengthening the connection between the community college, faculty and the students in collaborative community partnerships.  Kelly plans to research and develop a service learning repository for college faculty of the organizations and contacts, learning objectives, resources and activities and the best practices to embed service learning within college coursework.

2010-2011 — Dr. Paula Ahles, Social Sciences
An “Orientation to Education” program was developed and offered to ICC students majoring in education; approximately 600 students total.

2009-2010 — Sarah Parlier, English & Language Studies
PROJECT ME serves as a cohort group of non-traditional students that are introduced to and surrounded by the support services they need—to succeed at ICC.

2008-2009 — Elizabeth Baldridge, Ph.D., English & Language Studies
Elizabeth’s project is to design a comprehensive “bridge program” for at-risk ICC students who have already been, or are likely to be, unsuccessful in our courses–ranging from incoming recent high school graduates to returning non-traditional students.  The highly integrated program will include not only foundational coursework but also support services that will continue through the students’ time at ICC.

2007-2008 — Dr. Michael Boyd, English & Language Studies
Michael’s project was to complete research on best practices in developmental education, generate a series of professional development modules for faculty and staff here at ICC and present these various learning sessions for our faculty and staff to help meet the needs of developmental learners.

2006-2007 — Jennifer Costa, Arts & Communications

2005-2006 — Elizabeth Carrico, Math, Science & Engineering
Elizabeth compiled a math statistics workbook which includes realistic data sets used by all math instructors teaching General Education Statistics – Math 111 to supplement the text.

2004-2005 — Pat Ward, Math, Science & Engineering

2003-2004 — Kim Ritchhart, Health Careers

2002-2003 — Glenn Herold, Agricultural & Industrial Technologies