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Organizational Learning

Organizational Learning is a department within Human Resources that is devoted to employee engagement, growth, communication, and ICC’s vision to provide an exceptional educational experience for all students.

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Organizational Learning Updates

Employee Recognition Awards will be on Wednesday, May 8th from 11:00 – 1:00 in the Performing Arts Center.  Please join us to celebrate the dedication and service of the award recipients as they are recognized and honored.

Planning the August Celebration of Learning is underway!!  Surveys were completed, and breakout sessions are being organized.  Please check the employee calendar for a schedule of events.  Details will change slightly, but the general schedule will be made and posted before faculty leave for the summer.

As you may know, New Employee Orientation is now every Monday (if needed).  This approach was adopted in order to give new employees personal attention and help them feel welcomed to ICC on their first day.  We have two more components to implement for new employees over the next four months:  a new employee Blackboard course and a revitalized mentoring program.

This is where I could use help.

If anyone is interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Organizational Learning or stop by the Human Resources office.   The goal is to create a network of support for all new employees, and that network cannot happen without the kindness and generosity of our current employees.

And that is an attribute of this college for which we can all be truly grateful – the friendly and helpful people.

Enjoy Spring!  I hope to see you at the Employee Recognition Awards, walking the halls, and working out at the CougarPlex.

Thank you.

Ann Banks, Coordinator

Organizational Learning Transcript Request

This form is available to Illinois Central College faculty and staff to request a record of your professional development participation. Transcript requests will be processed within 48 hours, Monday through Friday when the college is open.

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