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ICC Leadership Series

The ICC Leadership Series (ICCLS) is designed to inspire and equip ICC employees with the knowledge and skills needed to lead the college into the future.

The series consists of six Inspiring Leadership Modules taken through PDI and nine Manager Modules taken through Organizational Learning and Human Resources. The series should take approximately two years to complete with a certificate of completion awarded at the end. To learn more about the series, contact [email protected] or 309-694-5442.

PDI Inspiring Leadership Modules
This site provides descriptions for the PDI Leadership Modules along with the current schedule.

Leadership Series Checklist
This document provides a checklist to monitor your progress through the series.

Blended Leadership Series Map
This map illustrates the blending of PDI Inspiring Leadership Modules with ICC Manager Modules to create the ICC Leadership Series. The map also highlights the leadership skill sets associated with each module.

ICCLS program outline
This 2-page document highlights the modules in the series, summarizes the program recommendations, describes the ICC Manager Modules, and notes the registration process.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have questions about the ICC Leadership Series? This document answers many of the series’ frequently asked questions.