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Online Course Delivery Assistance

(Page Last Updated – 3.29.2020)

The following information provides helpful links and video tutorials to assist with the use of digital tools for online course delivery options.  Click on any of the links or buttons to access additional information.  Email the Teaching and Learning Center ([email protected]) with any questions or for additional assistance.


Blackboard works best in the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers (Internet Explorer is not supported by Blackboard), as well as on a desktop or laptop computer (Blackboard is not mobile compatible).

Every instructor at ICC has a Blackboard account, and each course within eServices has a Blackboard shell that is automatically generated prior to the start of each semester.

To access Blackboard, visit bb.icc.edu.  Every instructor at ICC has been enrolled as a student in the TLC Blackboard & Workshop Resources course site, where there are various Blackboard training materials available.  Visit Blackboard Training for a detailed listing of all available training resources (you will need to log in to your Blackboard account).


Every ICC employee has a Google Education account – learn how to access your Google account at the Google Accounts – Faculty and Staff guide.  Various Google apps and tools (such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides) can be used to collaborate with students, either synchronously or asynchronously.  For additional information about using various Google Apps and Tools, visit the Google Apps training area (you will be prompted to sign in to Blackboard) on the TLC Blackboard & Workshop Resources site.

Google Hangouts can be used to communicate with students via either text-based or video-based communications.  See the ICC Google Hangouts guide for additional information.

Google Meet (sometimes called Google Hangouts Meet) can be used to hold live video sessions with students.  See the Google Meet page for additional information.

Visit Google Hangouts/Meet resources (will need to log in to Blackboard) for additional information.


Microsoft Office / OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s file hosting and synchronization service, and is a part of Microsoft Office. Files and folders saved to OneDrive can be accessed from anywhere.  OneDrive is available to Illinois Central College Faculty and Staff through the Office 365 accounts—the same accounts used to access ICC employee email online.  To learn more about using OneDrive, read the ICC Microsoft OneDrive guide.