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Dr. Erwin –

When a friend of mine was in need of community organizations to host a bone marrow drive for her sweet, 4 yr old niece, I knew that ICC would be a wonderful venue.  My very first thought was to approach Phi Beta Lambda Business Organization.  Knowing that the organization’s advisers were Jennifer Spengler and Scott Paulsen, I figured it would be a good starting point.  I did not know what a great decision that was.  I met with Jennifer and she explained that they were in the middle of their busiest times but that I would be welcome to meet with group.  After speaking for 10 minutes at their meeting, the students not only accepted the request of heading up the project, but they were so determined, energetic and immediately took control of the project.  It was such a pleasure to see this organization work as a group, as well as individuals.

After the drive, the regional representative sent an email thanking the group and to congratulate them on such a successful event.  PBL registered 49 donors that afternoon!  That beat the representative’s college record by 3 donors!  She too was extremely impressed with this group.  She stated, “Patients around the world will definitely benefit from the work you guys put into making your drive a success.”

A BIG thank you to Jennifer and Scott, along with PBL and two of the student leaders, Rey Agama and Quinn Graden.  They all make me proud to be part of ICC.

Markie Castle