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Wow the Prez :: Student thanks Library “angels”

Dr. Tammone recently received an email from a freshman student who recently returned to college after 20 years. The student was thankful for the support of the East Peoria Campus Library staff.

Portions of the email are included below:

“I was greeted with warm smiles, encouraging words, and a complete investment in assisting me. I learned, unlearned, and RE-learned Noodle Bib, I conquered the World Wide Web, and I became a champion of study. I found myself not only surviving but thriving in my academics. The staff never at any time refused me or gave an indication of unwillingness to aid.

“These ladies are not employees, but angels and muses of educational growth. I am elated, humbled, and gratefulĀ at the passion and fervor these ladies operate from. If I am a bird of success, they are the wings. I wanted you to know that this impeccable staff is second to none, and I am eternally grateful to you and them.”