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Wow the Prez :: Spring 2013 Grad Thanks Faculty, Staff

Recently, a Spring 2013 nursing program graduate sent this thank you email to Dr. Erwin. The student had suffered a debilitating illness but was able to achieve her goals through the help of ICC faculty, staff and her peers.

I would to thank you for managing to have an outstanding program within your school. There are so many positive aspects to the nursing program that it is difficult to pinpoint a single one. The entire staff at the downtown health careers department deserve to be thanked for their sincere efforts in assisting people with their dreams and helping them to succeed.

I originally began my journey with ICC as a non-traditional student in the Fall of 2009. I encountered many wonderful instructors during my preparation for the nursing program. Each and every one helped to make me a better student. I feel that I was provided a good solid background of knowledge to help me through my travels….While I had a year of rehabilitation and many obstacles to overcome I never once gave up on my goal of becoming a nurse. Staff members including Peggy Sheppard, Tom Pilat, Val Moore, and Wendee Guth were encouraging and supportive in my continuing journey. I feel truly blessed to have been able to meet and know these individuals and have their support.

Dr. Erwin, I thank you and your faculty for all you do. I am looking forward to shaking your hand this Saturday at commencement. Have a blessed day.