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Wow the Prez! — Our compliments to Mary Beth McFarden

Thomas Griffiths (Math, Science and Engineering) shared his gratitude with Mary Beth McFarden (Custodial Services) for her quick action and excellent work…

“I teach on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Room 333C. My first class is at 11 and my second class is at noon in that same room. Yesterday, I came in just before 11 a.m. and found that somebody had¬†written on the new white board with a non-erasable marker. Whoever had done this had used nearly one-half of the available board. I did not have time to seek help for my first class, but at 11:50 a.m., I walked down the hall toward Cafe Breve and found Mary Beth McFarland who graciously volunteered to help me.

“I had to run to my office between classes, but when I returned to 333C, I found that she had successfully cleaned the entire board, completly resolving my problem. She did an OUTSTANDING job on short notice and with very little time. My noon class could not have been taught as effectively without her help. I looked for her after class to express my gratitute but was unable to find her.

“It’s the dedication of people like her that make ICC’s teaching mission possible. Please commend her and give her my heartfelt thanks.”

Hats off to Mary Beth for her commitment to excellence in supporting both faculty and students at ICC!