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Wow the Prez :: Library and Studio Staff are “There” for Students

Dr. Erwin recently received the following email from Paty Cole (Social Sciences & Public Services):

“I wanted to take time to write you about the excellent services the resource/reference librarians  and the Studio are providing for my dual credit students enrolled in Introduction to Sociology (SOC110).   Specifically, this would be Ms Amy Glass and Michelle Nielson-Ott, and Mr. Stuart Boyd.

I am teaching two online SOC110 courses, and I require the students to attend at least one on campus training session on how to use the  library databases, resources, and Noodles Bib.  The students also are required to attend at least one review session with the Studio professionals where they experience the assistance they provide in writing college papers. The students always comment that the Library and Studio teams are always friendly, welcoming and helpful!

When you are a dual credit high school student a visit to a college campus can be a little bit intimidating.  Yet, semester after semester, the SOC110 students have told me how much they appreciate the trip to ICC. They don’t feel so lost, because they know there is a place at ICC where they can “just be,” and they know a place where they can get help.  Semester after semester the students tell me they actually do appreciate the positive learning experience of face-to-face interaction with the librarians and the Studio folks. Perhaps more importantly, it makes them feel like “real college students”.

Thank you to all the library staff and the Studio staff.”