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Wow the Prez — Brian Weaver & Marc Bailey

I would like to recognize AIT faculty Brian Weaver and Marc Bailey with a WOW the Prez. In October, I contacted Brian and Marc about the possibility of consulting with staff at Tazewell County Resource Centers (TCRC) about a walk-in cooler. TCRC is in the process of starting up a kitchen project, and their walk-in cooler at the Tremont location was not functioning. TCRC had already consulted with two commercial refrigeration professionals who indicated the cooler would be repaired only with a major part replacement and thousands of dollars. Brian Weaver responded to my request for considering a look at TCRC’s cooler, and Marc Bailey and a team of ICC students were on-site in TCRC in Tremont within 48 hours. As a result of ICC’s visit, TCRC’s cooler is working for a fraction of what they thought they would have to pay and in a timeframe much sooner than planned. At the recent TCRC board meeting, ICC’s faculty and students were noted for their expertise, professionalism, and service to this community agency.

Again, thank you to Marc Bailey, Brian Weaver, and the ICC students who responded to this call, and the ongoing support for actively serving the needs of our community.

— Submitted by Patrice Hess.