Faculty & Staff

WordPress is the Word (Grease has got nothin’!)

Web Services has been frantically working toward a completely redesign (layout, architecture, and all) of the main ICC.edu website.

Our launch goals are three-fold:

  • Provide previews for faculty and staff through eNews to lessen any “redesign-shock”
  • Promote a BETA preview of the site for students, faculty, staff and community by early May
  • Go completely live with the new site  by July 1

With our next eNews preview, we’d like to take a look at WordPress – the backend application where Web Services (and potentially YOU) will be able to administer the webpages. In it’s simplest form, WordPress gives you the ability to update, add, or edit content on the website in much of the same manner you would in a Microsoft Word document. You’ll have many of the same tools such as bold, italics, bullet points, and headers. In it’s most expanded form, you’ll be able to add stylized effects to your pages, make everyday announcements, or even quickly promote large scale events.

There is one big drawback… ANOTHER USERNAME AND PASSWORD TO REMEMBER… I’ll pause for the collective fist shaking.

There is a couple of good news I have within this though. Number 1 is that sweet, caring, and kind “Remember Me” checkbox at the bottom of the login. Use it; I do! Number 2 is that when you’re logged in and using the website, WordPress provides an administrative bar at the top of each and every page! This bar allows quick access to WordPress’ backend Dashboard as well as giving you direct access to edit the page you have permissions to edit.

Lastly, I don’t want to worry you about being thrust into this and left all alone. Web Services will be providing direct training coupled with hard-copy and online instruction as well as information on the college’s brand standards. Also, we’re not going to dump a group of blank webpages on your doorstep, ring the doorbell, and duck into the bushes giggling. As we’re rushing to have the full website completed by July 1, training and handing pages over to you would happen afterwards.