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What’s new with the ICC Wellness Program?

You will soon see changes to the Wellness Program at ICC. The updates to the program have been a combined effort, organized through the Fitness Center, Organizational Learning and Risk/Benefits.

Some of the updates include the use of Blackboard for content, updates and point collection. Here you will find blogs, articles, videos, events, “assignments,” and more! We hope this makes the process easier for all to participate and keep up to date.

We will be adding more content, opportunities, and challenges in wellness throughout the year, including prizes for your efforts.

Our first step in improving the program is to collect data for the first few months of the year to find out how we can better serve you. Please take the time to complete this short survey

We are still in the planning stages of determining the point system and corresponding prizes, pending the results of the survey.

For access to the Blackboard Wellness Course, contact Liz Burns at [email protected]

And to kick off a healthier 2019….read this today: When It Comes to Your Health, Something is Better than Nothing