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Wellness Works Seminar / “My Diet Starts Monday”

“My Diet Starts Monday”

Why America Can’t Lose the Weight

Presented by Mekenzie Riley, MS, RD

Real Results Nutrition Consulting

Is this your famous line? Is every Sunday your “last chance to eat ____,” yet you find yourself doing the same thing the next Sunday? Are you eating a healthy diet, yet see no change in your body? Have you tried every diet approach in the book to remain unchanged and feeling exhausted? There are so many inner workings of the food/ body relationship. We will discuss some of the less-exposed ones that are often the missing link in the weight loss chain!

 Live Presentations:

Tuesday, June 16

  • 11 am
  • Room 233B, East Peoria Campus

Tuesday, June 16

  • 1 pm
  • Hickory 103, North Campus

DVD Presentations:

Thursday, June 18

  • 1:30 pm
  • Room 212C, East Peoria Campus

Wednesday, June 24

  • Noon
  • Thomas 01, Downtown Campus

All attendees will receive 5 Wellness Works Points.