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Wellness Works Seminar: “Grab & Go”

Wellness Works Seminar

“Grab and Go”

Quick & Healthy Food for on-the-run Professionals

Presented by Mekenzie Riley, MS, RD

Real Results Nutrition Consulting

Find yourself caught up in your to do list and all you can think about is your grumbling stomach? Your meeting ran late, and now you’re forced to skip your next meal? You get to the vending machine and can grab a quick bite but are unsure of what to pick. Worry no more! Learn what choices are the best and WHY.  Also, we’ll have great ideas for both adults and kids a like. Prevent “hangry” moments by having smart snacks on hand for your busy lifestyle!

 Live Presentations:

7/14/2015 – 11 am – Room 212C, East Peoria Campus

7/14/2015 – 1 pm – Hickory 103, North Campus


DVD Presentations:

7/16/2015 – 1:30 pm – Room 212C, East Peoria Campus

7/22/2015 – noon – Thomas 01, Downtown Campus


All attendees will receive 5 Wellness Works Points.