Faculty & Staff

Wellness Works Health & Physical Fitness Assessments

Health Services will conduct Health Assessment throughout the rest of February and March. Employees can stop by Health Services to obtain weight, BMI and body fat percentage, waist measurement, and blood pressure information. Participants will receive five wellness points.  Health Services staff will  also make assessments at the North Campus and the Downtown Campus in March (Watch for dates.)  If you participated in the Optimum Health Solutions Assessment, you are still welcome to do this assessment and receive five wellness points. Contact Health Services at Ext. 5481 for more information.

The CougarPlex will conduct physical fitness assessments throughout the rest of February and March. It will take less than 30 minutes of your time to complete and will include sit ups, push ups, flexibility, and running time. This assessment is also worth five wellness points. Information regarding this assessment is available at the CougarPlex front desk. Contact Casey Messenger at Ext. 5126 or Michael Reed at Ext. 8809 for more information.