Faculty & Staff

Weight Watchers at Work Needs Your Help!

Weight Watchers at Work is in need of at least five new members to keep the meetings going.  Because so many have reached their goal, made lifetime status and are now free members, the group is now down to ten paying members, and they need to have at least 15.

If you are interested, you can sign up online by going to https://wellness.weightwatchers.com  and entering:      Company ID – 11865  and 
Passcode  – W11865.                                                                                                                                                                            

Or stop by a Weight Watchers at Work meeting, held each Wednesday in March at 2:30 pm, in Room 210A on the East Peoria Campus.

If you already have a monthly pass and are not part of the ICC group but would like to be, you can switch your pass to the ICC portal, and ICC can get credit for you. If you want to sign up at the ICC portal but need to attend a meeting elsewhere, that is also a possibility. Just print your Monthly Pass and attend any meeting in the area. ICC will receive credit for your membership.

This opportunity is open to faculty, staff, students, friends and family.

For more information, contact Health Services at Ext. 5475.