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Wanted :: Spring 2015 Merit Stories

Do you have a program or student club/activity with new students for Spring 2015? If so, we want to promote these achievements through Merit Pages.

Good Merit stories involve specific students with specific achievements. To find out more, click HERE to view the ICC Merit student informational video. Publicizing student success helps us promote not only our students, but our programs, our clubs and activities, and ultimately, the college itself!

ICC grants “Enrollment” badges to all enrolled students every fall and spring semester. We also will grant additional achievement badges to students who have been selected to competitive programs, are active in a student activity or club or have achieved an academic success throughout the semester. To read some of our students’ recent achievements, visit the official ICC Merit Page at http://icc.meritpages.com/.

For more information on Merit, please contact Chief Public Relations Officer Valerie Welsh at [email protected].