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Wanted :: Advisors for Student Organizations

Student Life is seeking advisors for CRU and UNITE.

What is the role of an advisor?

The advisor is an integral part of every campus organization. As a member of the faculty or staff of the
College, the primary function of the student organization advisor is to actively advise, counsel, and serve
as a resource person. For example, an advisor might assist students in achieving a degree of maturity in making decisions. (Ask questions to allow students to think through possible alternatives.)

Advising a student organization can be a very rewarding experience. Working with students outside of the
classroom allows faculty and staff the ability to share information and resources and encourage
development in the student. This close interaction with students allows advisors the opportunity to
promote skills such as leadership development, ethics, teamwork, appreciation of diversity, and self discovery that are invaluable to students when they leave ICC.

Does this describe you? For more information, contact Student Life at Ext. 5201.