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Vendor Presentation Wed., July 30 – HighPoint Mobile on PeopleSoft Mobilization

Technology Services is in the process of moving toward mobilizing PeopleSoft and developing a mobile web and mobile app presence for ICC. A vendor coming to campus on Wednesday, July 30, will demonstrate how they provide mobile access and how this fits with our needs to provide this service to our students. These sessions are intended to give attendees exposure to a potential direction we may be going in mobile for ICC.

HighPoint Technology Solutions is one of the leaders in mobilizing PeopleSoft and is one of the mobile platforms under consideration for ICC. HighPoint provides a way not only to make PeopleSoft functionality mobile friendly but also provides a unified platform to launch a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices for both smartphones and tablets.

Jim Henderson from HighPoint will hold three informational sessions.

  • Wednesday, July 30
  • Room CC102, East Peoria Campus
  • Open to all faculty, staff, and administrators

**Session I – General Overview and Demo – 9 am-10:30 am
Audience: Anyone Interested in Mobile functionality

This session will be an overview of the functionality that HighPoint Mobile offers and will address a broad range of topics related to mobile functionality and specifically how HighPoint addresses them. This includes such things as the application, viewing the course catalog, adding/dropping classes, viewing the class schedule with campus map lookup, notification framework, along with many other features.

**Session II – Faculty/Instructors Overview and Demo – 11 am – noon
Audience: Faculty, Associate Deans, Academic support staff

This session focuses on features available to faculty such as Student Lookup, Viewing a Class Roster, Managing Grade Rosters, and entering grades, as well as features students can access that will support classroom instruction, such as Blackboard integration, viewing grades, viewing final exam schedules, social media integration, and many others.

**Session III – Student Services – 1 pm – 2:30 pm
Audience: Anyone in Student Services areas

This session will be a deeper dive into some of the topics of discussion from the first session that are specifically related to student application, registration, finance, and other related services.

No RSVP necessary. Questions may be directed to Brad Finley, Ext. 8557 or Corey Lyons, Ext. 8469.