Faculty & Staff

Thanks from the Summer Explorers Camp

So many staff and departments contributed to the success of the Summer Explorers Camp this past summer!  37 6-12 year olds explored the campus and nature while their parents worked or attended classes!

We are very grateful to:

Michelle Nielsen Ott for library story time several times during the summer
Nurse Deb Pence and Vanessa Swanson for teaching us first aid
Genny Gibbs and the Horticulture Staff for the two field trips and  the wonderful activities
Tom Braun and the Grounds staff for the giant tree cookies to climb on, the tunnel to climb through and keeping the grounds so safe and beautiful (especially the disc golf course)
Julie Packman for making our comfortable cushions out of donated pillow cases (and for all of you who donated pillow cases)
Michael Reed and staff for the great running and fitness activities at the CougarPlex.  The children logged over 800 combined miles that were run during the 10 weeks of fitness center visits!
Tim Kowalczyk of the Arts and Communication Department for the wonderful experiences with clay and pottery making
Angie Pacotti-Long for the wonderful regional cooking and tasting experiences
Mark Matthews and staff and students for the real life experiences at the Cat Dealer Services area
Laura McCue Newport and cafeteria staff for the delicious lunches and picnics
Vicky Craig and all the bus drivers who took us on our field trips
Chief Tom Larson and Officer Tim and others  from Campus Police for keeping us safe and visiting us
The Custodial Staff for keeping our areas clean
General Operations for helping move furniture
Chris Gray, Rochelle Chase and Robin Berkley for allowing us to use their space
College for Kids staff for their kind words of encouragement

As you can see, it takes many people to make these summers such positive experiences  for our  elementary students.  If I left anyone out, please know it was not intentional!

Melanie Fleming, Kim Hahn and Ann Grohmann
Children’s Center Staff