Faculty & Staff

Surplus Stocking Stuffers

We’re fresh out of fans, but fear not.

Forget the orange, forget the coal, forget the little lotion bottles.  This year’s hot stocking stuffer item is used 3-ring binders from ICC Surplus!

Picture this…it’s Christmas morning, snow is falling softly, the fire’s crackling and everyone’s gathered around the hearth.  Think of your loved one’s face as they reach inside their jumbo-sized stocking only to reveal a beautiful, jet black, heavy duty, piano-hinged 3-ring binder.  They’ll cry tears of pure joy thanking you over and over again for buying them such a practical gift.  You’ll smile before sipping your hot cocoa and nod slowly with great satisfaction. Only you know that it was bought at a fraction of retail price.

Check out the ICC Surplus Store for more!