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Students’ Posters on Display Thursday, Nov. 14, Showcase Local Farmers

Two ICC classes joined forces to highlight the role of local farmers in our community. Students visited local farms to take photographs and interview the farmers. They used the information and photos obtained during those visits to create posters to showcase the farms and the benefits they provide to our community.

These posters will be displayed on Thursday, November 14, 9 am – 3 pm, in the Student Lounge on the East Peoria Campus. The community is invited to visit the display, and visitors may park in Visitor’s Parking (Lot V).

Classes involved in the project are Professor Paul Resnick’s English class and Professor Anastasia Samoylova’s photography class. “This project combines classroom learning objectives with real-world applications,” says Resnick. “This not only benefits our students, but also the local farms.”