Faculty & Staff

Strategic Planning :: Thank you for your continued participation

Thank you to so many ICC faculty, staff and administrators who were able to attend the sessions last week with Dr. Kathi Swanson from the Clarus Corporation.

Videos of the past session are available on the Strategic Planning site at http://icc.edu/strategic-planning/. Due to the sensitive nature of the information provided in these videos, viewers will have access only while on campus (or VPN) and while logged into a computer using USR credentials.

At the end of each session, there will be an opportunity to provide feedback on the questions in the same manner as the on-campus participants. In order to be included in the analysis on our end, we would appreciate feedback by Feb. 1 in order to guide our discussions and decision-making.

  • HS Market
  • Enrollment Trends
  • Persistence
  • Adult Market

The report and PowerPoint presentations will be shared as they are fully available. A huge thank you to Ken Burton and his team for getting these recorded, available, and for continuing to support our campus, as we pulled Ken from his normal duties to accommodate this taping.

Happy viewing!

Submitted by Dr. Tracy Morris, Vice President of Student Services