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Strategic Planning Teams :: Openings available for Staff

Due to recent retirements and staffing changes, there are five openings available on Strategic Planning Teams for staff only. The teams that currently have openings are: Curriculum Alignment, Employee Engagement and Support, and the Champion Team. Please note that these vacancies are for staff members only. Faculty openings, should they become available, will be filled in conjunction with Faculty Senate.

If you are an ICC staff member who currently is not serving on a Strategic Planning Team, you are invited to apply for one or more teams. If you are selected, you will serve on only one team to allow for maximum employee participation.

Team members will serve through the completion of the strategic plan on June 30, 2021.

To apply, please complete the brief application: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MK9H9M7

Applications will be accepted through September 12. Team leaders of the these Strategic Planning Teams, along with the Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness, will review and make a joint recommendation of their selections to the president. Dr. Quirk-Bailey will make the final decision on appointing the new Strategic Planning Team members.

For more information on the Strategic Planning Teams’ initiatives: 2017-18 Strategic Planning Teams’ Report – 2018 05 11 b – FINAL

Submitted by Associate VP of Institutional Effectiveness Dr. Laura Friesenborg. For questions, contact Kate Stahl at Ext. 5515.