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SPAM and External email tagging

Technology Services has implemented new tools to help the College handle and identify SPAM emails, as well as any email coming from an external account.

SPAM email – You now will find all your SPAM in a folder labeled “Junk Email” under “Inbox” on your Outlook account. Email tagged as SPAM by Office 365 is moved to this folder and will auto-delete in 30 days. You may access these items for review by clicking on the folder. If there is an email you would like to keep, simply drag the item back into your “Inbox.”

External email –  All email originating from outside of ICC will be tagged with the word [External] in the beginning of the subject line. This will allow you to catch those sneaky mail spammers acting as someone else.

Submitted by Director of Network & Desktop Services Bill Newport. For questions, please contact the Help Desk, Ext. 5457.