Faculty & Staff

Six Sigma Gate Review :: Wednesday, February 20

Please see the below announcement for an upcoming gate review.  Please notify others in your area as appropriate.

Define/Measure Gate Review for Identification of Completers Six Sigma Green Belt Team

Wednesday, February 20
11 a.m.
Room 212C, East Peoria Campus

What you’ll hear about: A team is reviewing how ICC identifies students that fulfill the graduation requirements from ICC but decide not to apply to graduate.  Some goals of the project are to identify degree completing students who have not applied to graduate and increase the number of graduates.  The team will share the data gathered including voicing from advisors and the plans going forward.

How do you know if you should attend this Gate Review?

Faculty, staff, and stakeholders who assist students with applying for graduation, individuals who advise students or employees who provide technology support may be interested in attending.

What is a Gate Review?

Gate Reviews are special meetings where faculty and staff may go to give input on projects being completed by Six Sigma teams.  Everyone is invited to attend following supervisor approval.   Feedback and opinions of all employees are valued.