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Sexual Harassment Policy Informational Posters Displayed on Campus

You may have noticed new posters featuring sexual harassment policy appearing around campus.

In accordance with Illinois Department of Human Rights’ guidelines, ICC is required to display this information outlining sexual harassment laws and policies in prominent and accessible areas, including common areas, throughout its campuses.

Why is this information important?

The information on the poster:

  • Reminds students of their right to a learning environment free of sexual harassment.
  • Explains their rights, as well as examples of what actions or statements could be considered sexual harassment.
  • Provides information on how students may receive help, if they have questions or want to file a complaint.

An example of the posters: Sexual Harassment Poster

These posters will be permanently displayed in the designated locations.

If your area would like additional copies to display, please contact Compliance Officer (Title VII and Title IX) Margie Lawler at Ext. 6929.