Faculty & Staff

Severe Weather Procedures and Emergency Response Guide

The Campus Police Department wants to remind everyone of the availability of the Emergency Response Guide in classrooms and other areas around campus. An online version of the Emergency Response Guide, that is updated regularly as facility changes occur, is also available at http://icc.edu/emergency-guide/ or by clicking the “Emergency Response Guide” link at the bottom of main ICC.edu webpages.

Everyone on campus is encouraged to read it as it includes important emergency response information, including:

  • How to report a crime or emergency
  • Severe Weather and Natural Disasters
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Armed Suspect / Active Shooter
  • Distressed / Disruptive / Dangerous People
  • Preparedness and Safety Tips

In the Severe Weather and Natural Disasters section you will find a list of suggested areas in which to shelter during severe weather. Please review these within your department and with students in your classrooms. If you hear the local tornado warning sirens and/or you hear a college public address announcement for a tornado warning, seek shelter immediately:

  • Move away from windows and glass to an interior hallway, room, or restroom on the lowest level possible
  • If no shelter is nearby, lie flat in a ditch or low spot with your hands shielding your head. Do not stay in your vehicle.
  • Listen for and follow instructions announced over public address systems or given by college officials.

Submitted by Deputy Chief Erika Schwiderski. For questions, contact Campus Police at Ext. 5223.