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RSVP for Upcoming Blackboard Training Sessions

Blackboard At-A-Glance

TLC staff invites you to learn more about Blackboard’s student collaboration tools within our December/January Backboard At-A-Glance sessions.

The basic sessions, offered during the first week of December, will focus on using Discussion Boards and will cover forums vs. threads, setup options, and tool links vs. menu shortcuts.   Little to no Blackboard experience is required for those who wish to attend basic training sessions.

Tuesday, December 2 (5:30 pm) -OR- Wednesday, December 3 (noon)

The advanced sessions, offered during the third week of January, will focus on blogs, journals, and wikis.  Participants attending the advanced topic sessions should have attended the basic training session earlier in the month or should have experience using the basic topic.

Tuesday, January 20 (5:30 pm) -OR- Wednesday, January 21 (noon)

Contact the TLC at (309) 694-8908 or [email protected] to register for any At-A-Glance session. Participants need not attend every session – all sessions are held in the TLC, Room 240A.


Please see the flyer available at http://icc.edu/faculty-staff/teaching-learning-center/instructional-technology/blackboard-resources/ for specific topics to be covered within each session.



Blackboard Jumpstart

TLC staff will be coming to the North Campus to offer Blackboard Jumpstart on Wednesday, December 10, from 9am-12noon, in room C34. This is perfect for faculty who want to use Blackboard to supplement a face-to-face class or need a quick start to the beginning of the semester. Contact the TLC at (309) 694-8908 or [email protected] to register.