Faculty & Staff

RSVP for April’s Blackboard At-A-Glance Sessions

TLC staff invites you to learn more about using Blackboard assignments within our April Blackboard At-A-Glance sessions.

The basic sessions, offered during the first week of April, will focus on:

  • Web Links
  • Mashups (YouTube, Atomic Learning)
  • Video Everywhere (basic)

Little-to-no Blackboard experience is required for those who wish to attend basic training sessions.

The advanced sessions, offered during the third week of April, will cover:

  • embedded content
  • Google Drive / Microsoft OneDrive
  • Video Everywhere (advanced)

Participants attending the advanced training sessions should have attended the basic training session earlier in the month or should have experience using the basic topic.

April’s At-A-Glance schedule:

Basic: Tuesday, April 7 (5:30 pm) -OR- Wednesday, April 8 (noon)
Advanced: Tuesday, April 21 (5:30 pm) -OR- Wednesday, April 22 (noon)

Contact the TLC at (309) 694-8908 or [email protected] to register for any At-A-Glance session. Participants need not attend every session.

Please see the flyer available at http://icc.edu/faculty-staff/files/2014/09/ICC-Blackboard-At-A-Glance.pdf for specific topics to be covered within each session.