Faculty & Staff

Reminder: Winter Break Energy Conservation

Similar to years past, Facilities Services will make special provisions to reduce our energy consumption over the year-end winter break by shutting off or setting back some non-essential lighting, heating and cooling equipment. To augment this effort, we ask for your help by performing the following items before you leave:

  1. Turn off all lights including display case lighting.
  2. Power down all non-essential energy-consuming sources (desk lights, copiers, calculators, overhead lights, shredders, mini-refrigerators [if emptied], space heaters, toasters, phone chargers, televisions and any other energy-consuming equipment that can be turned off).
  3. Where applicable, adjust thermostats to 65 degrees.
  4. Close and lock all windows and doors.

Facilities Operations will schedule temperature setbacks reducing building heating levels over winter break. Temperature reductions will begin on Saturday, December 21, 2019, and will be restored Thursday, January 2, 2020. This means some buildings might be uncomfortably cooler during this period. If you choose to be here during the break please dress accordingly.

Technology Services – All common computers are set to go into hibernation after four hours of inactivity. No special procedure is required. Computers with remote access will not be affected.

Facilities will make sure any area scheduled in 25Live during the break for classes or functions will have normal heat service during the scheduled period of occupancy.  Please make sure if you have any plans to utilize a classroom, room or area during the break that you get it scheduled in 25Live prior to December 20, 2019.

Campus Police Officers and Dispatch Center personnel are on duty 24/7 during the break. Please call (309) 694-5223 if you need assistance.

After-Hour and Weekend Access to the College – Anyone needing access to College facilities on the weekends or after-hours is required to check in with Campus Police, East Peoria, Office 103B, (309) 694-5223.

Thank you for your cooperation in these energy-saving efforts. We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable winter break.


For questions, contact ICC Senior Director of Facilities Services Jeff LaGrow at (309) 694-5127.