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Register Now for the “Setting the Course for the Future” Teaching Series

Setting the Course for the Future: Incorporating Sustainability Topics into Classrooms of the Future

This six-week hybrid teaching series will show faculty how to incorporate sustainability into the curriculum. Participants will learn and understand sustainability as a complex, multi- and inter-disciplinary concept that by nature cannot be understood in isolation.

Participants must attend the four-hour, in-person kick off session scheduled:

  • Friday, February 13
  • Noon-4:30 pm
  • Room TC210, East Peoria Campus

Weekly participation will average about 1.5 hours with readings and discussion board posts in Blackboard. Successful participants of this hybrid series will be able to define, with demonstration, sustainability and how it relates to their discipline. This will include getting familiar with terminology, topics and the relationship between their discipline and sustainability. In this course, participants will re-work an assignment to include sustainability topics/issues/themes. Faculty can earn units (for full-time every four hours = .5 credits) or hours towards their Blueprint for Success (~10 hours for adjunct faculty) or apply for a mini-grant through Organizational Learning for an extended instructional project.

Contact Michelle Nielsen Ott for additional information at 694-5617 or [email protected]. Register at [email protected].