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Register for Teaching Squares, Diamond Dialogues or Cougar Combo by Feb. 10

Want to learn more about ICC to be more informed to help our students and employees?  Sign up for Teaching Squares, Diamond Dialogues or Cougar Combo by February 10!  Complete this Squares and Dialogue online registration by February 10.  You will select from the following three choices to begin this great networking and learning experience. The schedule will be based on your work and is flexible during the eight-week period.

Teaching Squares – A totally non-evaluative opportunity to observe colleagues in a classroom setting

Diamond Dialogues – An opportunity to learn and experience areas of the college that serve our students and employees (participant suggests the areas)

Cougar Combo – An opportunity to learn more about the classroom, as well as, the service areas of the college (participant suggests the classes and areas)

Contact Organizational Learning at 694-5758 or [email protected] for more information.TeachingSquaresLogo