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Readings for the Holiday Break

Happy Holidays from Organizational Learning.  Below is a gift of professional readings compiled by 3 e-mail list-serves used by Organizational Learning.  There are useful and insightful articles for your reading and reflection; a few article titles are listed under each link to whet your appetite.  Enjoy your time off and best wishes for a joyous holiday break!

Magna Publication’s Faculty Focus Top 11 Teaching and Learning Articles of 2016:
Why Are We So Slow to Change the Way We Teach?; Six Things Faculty Can Do to Promote Student Engagement; A Memo to My Students Regarding College and the Real World; and 8 More!

Atomic Learning’s 12 Days of Learning: Ideas for Unlocking Students’ Potential; Twelve Ways to Make Your 2017 Epic:  Personally & Professionally; Insights for Leaders on Connecting
with the Campus Community; and 9 More!

The Top Reads of 2016 from the Chronicle of Higher Education: Watch What You Say; What Should Graduates Know?; The Faulty Foundation of American Colleges, and 7 More! 

(Use ICC network login and password to identify yourself as an ICC employee, if you on viewing from a personal computer or device, since ICC subscribes to the Chronicle of Higher Education.)