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Re-subscribing to RSS Feeds in Outlook

Some employees are finding that their RSS news feeds from the previous website are no longer active.

To re-subscribe to an RSS Feed or to subscribe for the first time, follow these Outlook instructions:

1. Highlight and copy the URL for the feed you want.

  • You can copy the following URLs for these popular ICC news feeds by highlighting them from the list below, right clicking and then selecting “Copy”.
    • For Faculty/Staff News – Copy this:  http://icc.edu/faculty-staff/feed/
    • For College News: Copy this:  http://icc.edu/news/feed/
    • For Student News: Copy this:  http://icc.edu/students/feed/
    • For Alumni News: Copy this:  http://icc.edu/alumni/feed/

2. In Outlook, click on the “Folder” view in the bottom left navigation bar. (You may need to click the ellipses to access the “Folder” option.)

3. Right click on “RSS Feeds”.

4. Select “Add new RSS Feed.”

5. Paste in the address you just copied using CTRL-V (Microsoft has disabled a right-click paste option here.)

6. Select “Yes”.

You can delete any old RSS Feeds that are no longer active by right clicking on the old folder name and selecting “delete folder” and then confirming “yes”.