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Online Faculty Fellows Spring 2016

Online Faculty Fellows, a peer collaboration program had 14 participants (7 peer groups) during the spring 2016 semester.  The Online Fellows project pairs ICC faculty who are certified Master Online Teachers or otherwise trained in online teaching with a peer faculty member who completes and online class design or redesign project.  During the semester, fellows and participants meet to discuss the project plan and at the end of the semester, participants showcase the work they completed on their online classes.

Since the beginning of Online Faculty Fellows in fall 2014, 28 faculty peer groups have completed the program.  For more information, visit http://icc.edu/faculty-staff/teaching-learning-center/teaching-online-at-icc/online-faculty-fellows/

Spring 2016 Online Faculty Fellows
Michelle Weghorst (SSPS), Doug Peterson (BHIS)
Liana Maria Veja (MSE), Lora Murphy (HC)
Janelle Reeb (PHYED), Angelia DeWeese (HC)
Ron Malcolm (EHLS), Mark DuBois (BHIS)
Leslie Russell (EHLS), Mary Phelps Clayton (SSPS)
Carmen Baila (MSE), Megan Bomer (MSE)
Jim Sullivan (EHLS), Susan Hillabold (EHLS)