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One Book, One College event :: “Quest for the Hidden Egg” March 18-27

ICC Library’s One Book, One College program will present a “Quest for the Hidden Egg” event March 18-27. Quest is a multi-level, multi-campus scavenger hunt based on this year’s book selection, Ready Player One and designed to challenge and familiarize players with library and academic support resources.

Players have ten days to complete three rounds of Ready Player One themed game play to win an iPad Mini.

The Quest timeline is:

Level 1 – Quest for the Copper Key

March 18 – Quest play begins.  Players have until Wednesday, March 25, to complete their copper key and beat Level 1. Level 1 consists of five rounds where players must complete five challenges.

Level 2 –Jade Key Gaming Challenge – March 26, from 2-5 pm in the East Peoria Library. Level 2 consists of an in-person gaming challenge. Players will compete in four different physical challenges – Rubik’s cube challenge, Movie karaoke (Ready Player One themed, or course), Ready Player One trivia, and Atari gaming challenge. The top competitors of this round will move to level 3.

Level 3– Crystal Key Selfie Scavenger Hunt

March 27 – Level three will occur simultaneously at all three campuses. Each campus will have a list of ten different but similar objects that players must find and post a “selfie” of themselves with each item to the Library’s Facebook page. The first player to post all ten items and cross the finish line wins the iPad Mini.

NOTE: Students are expected to abide by ICC’s code of conduct and will be disqualified for engaging in disruptive or dangerous behavior. All students will be given a copy of the Quest rules prior to play. For a complete list of the rules, visit http://obocrpo.com/home/game-rules/

Questions about Quest?  Visit the website www.obocrpo.com or contact Jessica Bastian at [email protected] or (309) 694-5463.