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Nursing Program Receives $40,000 Grant

 Congratulations to ICC’s nursing program, recipient of a $40,000 improvement grant! The grant is awarded under the Nursing School Grant Program and administered by the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

This program provides institutions with financial assistance to increase student capacity or improve student performance to help meet the statewide demand for registered nurses. Five Illinois institutions received either improvement or expansion annual grants. The improvement grants, such as the one ICC received, are designed to provide financial assistance to make improvements aimed specifically at increasing student retention and improving licensure examination pass rates.

Dean of Health Careers Wendee Guth says the college intends to use the grant funds to enhance teaching and assessment methods in its associate degree nursing program and to boost pass rates of the NCLEX-RN state licensure exam to the ultimate goal of 100 percent.

Click here for more information: http://www.icc.edu/iccNews/display.asp?id=403